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We provide instant PC maintenance services to diagnose and repair problems related to computer and it.s peripheral. We provide maximize customer satisfaction..


Our range of services include assembling of computers according to the clients' demand with leading standards..intensive research into providing a comprehensive range of specialized computer repair services firmly positions us today on a seasoned base in Delhi, India, as MNS Computer’, a name that thousands people depend on, for customized and cost-effective Hardware and Software Repair and Maintenance Solutions.


Micro Network Service is the systematic, proactive and immediate technical support for your network, servers and workstations, managed by our IIST Professionals and Support Staff. With computers stimulating automation in each and every spectrum of our lives, we are rolling in deep and deeper into an almost mechanical era. The age of machines is here and the only lubricant it needs to ripe and glow golden is effective computer hardware and software maintenance, upgrade and repair. Since the year 1999,

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We offer a wide range of Computer Accessories, which includes modern accessories and peripherals to cater to varied needs. Complementing all brands. our association with world-class computer hardware brands, expert professional assistance and prompt custom-tailored solutions are some of our most treasured attributes, cumulatively responsible for our steadfast growth in this challenging domain of providing the most effective computer Hardware & Software Maintenance, Computer Repair and Support services.

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We have literally fixed thousands of computer issues and have not encountered something we could not resolve. Computer and PC Components Assembling, Dealing and Retailing and Computer Hardware AMC and Computer Repair services continue to rank the most popular among our plethora of optimum utility offerings that also, include Software Installation, Upgrade and Data Recovery services



Kamran Saif

i am working in Mns Computer as a post of researcher i find out the solution related to software and technical faults...

Senior Assistant

Mr. Nasir

My name is Nasir and i am a engeneer in this company i have perfect knowledge of computer diagnosis..


Mr. Gufran

its me Gufran and i am doing all kind of mobiles solution related to it hardware as well as software...